The prices are stated on our enclosed sales confirmation F.O.B. Elk Grove Village, IL.
We acknowledge all orders. If you do not receive an order acknowledgement within 2 business days please contact your sales representative at 847-437-6900.

Products accepted for return will be subject to inspection and restocking charges that will be determined based upon individual circumstances. Return freight charges are not allowed, unless otherwise agreed upon. Replacement shipments will always be re-invoiced. We reserve the right to withhold authorization to return goods shipped more than 30 days.

Our sole warranty is against defect in materials or workmanship. A no-charge replacement will be made of any part which, upon examination by us appears to be defective, provided it is returned to us, within thirty (30) days.

All new orders must have a signed first piece of approval

No PO is subject to cancellation without our specific written consent and approval by AMT.